hopefully, this is going to be a manga review + other miscellaneous shit website for random people to peruse

my instagram where I should be making more art to post on but lately my motivation is kinda going down the drain...: @nyeedles. For now, I'm focusing on learning html and making this website ofc.

self introduction:

hello, my name is alice and i've been wanting to make something for a while. whether it be some sort of webcomic or website, I wasn't sure. but after looking at how some of the artists that i follow post their work on neocities (rather than limiting themselves to twitter and instagram, i decided to take up the mantle of making my own website as well! lots of self-expression. very nice. i think my biggest website creating inspiration probably comes from older websites that just have a lot of sovl... websites that were purely for talking about one thing or obsessing over the tiniest details from smth 10 years ago. i don't necessarily know if this is going to be the case for this website, but i can sure hope it will be. I will not let this winter break and COVID-19 kick my ass any longer!!! please look forward to whatever i put on here later, since i hope to actually participate in the world of the internet instead of just lurking all the time. lurking isn't bad, but it feels a bit wasteful especially when i don't even do much else. 내가 한국어도 배우고 싶어요...


potential interests:

why is it called 235 planets?

the happiest times of my life were playing minecraft as a youngin. so if anyone recognizes the ign lina235 on the jerry and harry/hypixel server plz lmk!! other than that, planets bc I really enjoyed reading The Little Prince and exploring different planets as a little guy would be quite the experience imo.